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One of the largest compliments we get at PSU LIVE is that all of our presenters are highly dedicated in helping you both during the class and outside of the classroom as well.  Their goal is not just to present and brag about what they do.  They want to share with you what they know works and is working for them in the industry. Each speaker practice what they preach and leave it all out on the table for you to learn how to be as successful as they are! We don't pull punches at PSU LIVE and we don't hold back on information. You paid to learn and our speakers are here to teach!  PERIOD!

Get To Know Our Presenters!

Shaun DeMint is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


He is the founder and designer of Spotlight Photographics and Photo Solutions Market.  For over 10 years Shaun has been providing the youth sports photography industry with ground breaking designs to over thousands of photographers.   Shaun started with action sports photography and worked his way through all of the day to day operations of high volume leagues as well.  There isn't a job duty that he has not been a part of his his career!  Shaun has only one goal today and that is to provide the best templates and training in the industry.  Join Shaun at the PSU Live workshop and gain the knowledge and experience he has cashed in over the years!


Shaun DeMint

Mike Luter is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE Workshop circuit.


Mike Luter is not only the owner of Desktop Digital Lab but he has been part of the fabric of the photography industry for over 30 years!  From studio photography, sports photography, marketing and photo finishing Mike has the knowledge to teach you what you need to know to get your business moving in the right direction!


Mike Luter

Tad Goble  is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


Tad has figured out the way to make the most out of what most of us believe to be a dead market.....Action Photography.   He has turned this dead market into a money making machine using unique methods and products.  Besides action photography Tad is one of the industry leaders in Martial Arts photography and will show you how you can fill up your off season with some serious business taking photos for Martial Arts Studios in your area!


Tad Goble

Don Wrenn is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


Don started his business as a part time endeavor and has turned it into a six figure income in only a couple short years.   With his unique approach to marketing and sales Don has figured out the steps that it takes to bring your company to the next level in high volume youth leagues.  Don originally was just an attendee at the PSU LIVE Workshop but after gaining the knowledge from the workshop he went to work and is now one of the largest success stories we have!  Join Don at this PSU LIVE Workshop and get the information he used to take it to another level!


Don Wrenn

Steven Easley is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


Steven Easley CEO/ Co-Founder

Easley Blessed Photography


US Army Engineer Corp Retired Capt. who served two tours of duty in Iraq.  I earned my MBA in International Marketing from Xavier University.  I have used my IT, Marketing background and artistic talents to lead in developing Easley Blessed Media and provide business development and marketing services for clients over the past 9 years.  My client bases is very diverse consisting of Pres. and First Lady Obama, Toyota, Nationwide Insurance, Jennifer Hudson,  MLB, to numerous small businesses throughout the United States.

Steven Easley

Robert Dungan is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


Robert has taken the new SportsPRESS program and turned it into a money making machine!  With his unique approach to the SportsPRESS ads he is actually making more money on the ads than he is making for just selling the pictures!  Join Robert at PSU LIVE to learn the secret on how you can turn this simple product into a new cash flow stream! He is also combining this with the Next Gen system to create one unique work flow and product to his customers that really sets him apart!


Robert Dungan

Brittney Bledsoe is a new addition to the ALL STAR lineup for PSU LIVE!


She is one of the main sales and customer service representatives at Desktop Digital Lab and she will be part of the full training sessions available at the end of the workshop.  Join Brittney as she takes you through all of the steps of Full service processing, the CUDA system and also ROES ordering systems available from DDLab.


Brittney Bledsoe

Rodney Getz is a new addition to the ALL STAR lineup for PSU LIVE!


Rodney Getz is a full time photographer in South Charleston, Ohio.  He owns a successful high volume photography business for the past 12 years.   Rodney is a member of the PPA and a member of the Professional Photographers of Ohio where he is a member of the board.  He received his degree from Clark State College and Wright State University. As an Education major in college, he has always had a passion for teaching. Rodney has chosen to continue educating others in the photography industry. He has spoke at such venues as SYNC, SYNC Sports, Photo U, Summer Snap and more.  Prior to his professional photography career, Rodney was a career Firefighter / Paramedic for 22 years before retiring. During his service he was a certified instructor, teaching at The Ohio Fire Academy as well as Clark State College. Rodney is married to his wife Shiloh of 14 years.


Rodney Getz

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