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The PSU LIVE Workshop was founded with one principal purpose, to provide an exciting, informative learning environment for volume youth sports and high school photographers to expand their knowledge without the pressures to buy items, switch labs or be worried about being in an infomercial. PSU LIVE was founded in the summer of 2016 and has been providing workshops twice a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. Our title sponsor is DDLab and the PSU LIVE Workshop replaced it by name that summer in 2016. We realized that even though DDLab never pressured photographers during their workshop that the name alone prevented some people who used other labs from attending the workshops because they were afraid that it would look like they were going against their lab. The truth is that even though DDLab is still our title sponsor of the event we strive to teach you skills, sales & marketing techniques and other information that can be used even if you are not using DDlab for your services. So, if you don't currently use DDLab don't let that stop you from joining us for an amazing workshop full of knowledge from speakers that just don't tell a story, they live it as well!

What Makes PSU LIVE So Great?

Our Organization

At PSU LIVE we limit our workshop to only 50 attendees so that you have quality time with the speakers and vendors along with the ability to build lasting relationships with other attendees!


With PSU LIVE you won't have to run from classroom to classroom because we do the entire workshop, including the live demonstrations all in the same 4000 sq ft master ballroom at the A Loft Hotel!

Live Demonstrations

Inside the main ballroom we will have all of our live demonstrations setup for you to view the entire workshop!  From our "Ultimate" youth league photo day setup to the Green Screen and LastoLite Demonstrations you will have a chance to see how they look setup and function during our workshop without having to leave the room!  This was a new addition in our last workshop and it got great reviews!

The NEW VendorZONE!

Instead of just talking about vendors we have brought them to you in the new VendorZone located right outside the main ballroom! This is a great way to put a face to a company name and get some quality time asking questions and getting to know these companies even more!

Dedicated Speakers

One of the largest compliments we get at PSU LIVE is that all of our presenters are highly dedicated in helping you both during the class and outside of the classroom as well.  Their goal is not just to present and brag about what they do.  They want to share with you what they know works and is working for them in the industry. Each speaker practice what they preach and leave it all out on the table for you to learn how to be as successful as they are! We don't pull punches at PSU LIVE and we don't hold back on information. You paid to learn and our speakers are here to teach!  PERIOD!

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8535 Baymeadows Rd #18
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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