Don started his business as a part time endeavor and has turned it into a six figure income in only a couple short years.   With his unique approach to marketing and sales Don has figured out the steps that it takes to bring your company to the next level in high volume youth leagues.  Don originally was just an attendee at the PSU LIVE Workshop but after gaining the knowledge from the workshop he went to work and is now one of the largest success stories we have!  Join Don at this PSU LIVE Workshop and get the information he used to take it to another level!


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Volume Youth League

Purpose Driven Sales & Marketing

Don Wrenn is a walking success story with how he has taken a part time job and turned it into a big business in just a couple years!


It all starts with purpose driven sales and techniques that Don has perfected in his business and is ready to share with you his knowledge on how you can get every league to say "YES!" to you to take their league photos every time!


Volume youth league

photo day prep & post processing work-flow

We all know they saying, you don't prepare to lose you only prepare to win.

Don will take you through the very important process of marketing your photo day so that it is successful, how to staff a photo day correctly to get the best work-flow and other items that you should be doing to get prepared for a successful photo day. If you are a one man show or you have a staff of 100 people your post photo day work-flow can make or break your business! Don Wrenn will cover the right way to free up your time using effective post photo day processing steps so you have more time to book more jobs and spend time with your family!



tournament photography & on site printing

If you are not already working with your local golf tournaments and events you are missing out on a great opportunity to make some great cash and maximizing sponsorship dollars for your local charities.

Don Wrenn will show you how he is using on site printing along with his unique methods of the sales, marketing and fundraising to drive your business in the off season and keep it in the fairway!

This new class for the PSU LIVE Workshop is a hole in one!


JULY 12TH-15TH 2018

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