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Getting To The Workshop

Whether you are flying or driving, getting there is easy!

A LOFT Hotel Tapestry Park

4812 Deer Lake Drive West, Jacksonville, FL, 32246

Flying To The Workshop?

If you are flying to Jacksonville you will be selecting JAX International Airport as your destination. JAX is approximately 30 minutes away from the A Loft hotel. There is not a shuttle from the airport to the hotel so we recommend either taking an Uber/Lyft or you can rent a vehicle if you choose to. Once you are at the hotel you will not need transportation to go to any of the nightly events as the A Loft will provide a shuttle to the event locations plus we will have multiple vehicles as well.

You can also fly into Orlando!

If you are finding that flights into JAX are a bit high for you depending on where you are coming from you can look into flying into Orlando which is just a 2 hour drive from Jacksonville.  In some cases people choose this option, rent a car and come out better than flying into JAX. Obviously this is only a good option if the price is better! Plus, if you are going to tag team this trip into a vacation as well Orlando is a great place to be after the workshop!

Driving To Jacksonville?

Use our map below to set your favorite navigation device to 4812 Deer Lake Drive West, Jacksonville, FL, 32246

FREE Parking For All Attendees!

The A Loft Hotel has free parking for all of the attendees and if you drive one of those new fancy Tesla cars you are in luck because the A Loft has Tesla Charging stations for all guests staying at the hotel!

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8535 Baymeadows Rd #18
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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