Robert Dungan is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.

Robert has taken the new SportsPRESS program and turned it into a money making machine!  With his unique approach to the SportsPRESS ads he is actually making more money on the ads than he is making for just selling the pictures!  Join Robert at PSU LIVE to learn the secret on how you can turn this simple product into a new cash flow stream! He is also combining this with the Next Gen system to create one unique work flow and product to his customers that really sets him apart!


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making money with ad sales & marketing

Robert Dungan has blazed a new trail using custom templates, the SportsPress Program and Next Gen to energize his market!


The best part about this is that because of what he is doing with the SportsPress Ads he has found a way to eliminate paying commissions and even slash his lab bill! If you want to learn how you can do the same thing you can only see this class at the PSU LIVE Workshop, so register today! This class alone is worth the price of admission!

Up Your Game

using the next gen experience on photo day!

To say that Robert Dungan is a Power User of the Next Gen system would be an understatement!

Are you tired of spending your days in front of a computer, dealing with training, software, work flow, and staffing issues? If so we have the solution. During this presentation he will walk you through the Next Gen Photo Solutions sports photography work flow. He will discuss how to incorporate Spotlight Photographics templates into your Next gen work flow as well as how the system integrates with Desktop Digital Labs for a seamless work flow from pre-shoot data management all the way through to lab processing.


lastolite demo

the setup and work flow

If you are looking at using the Lastolite for your photography you want to be here for this live demo with Robert Dungan!  Robert will take you through the setup, posing, lighting and even add in the work-flow process that he uses this new class for the PSU LIVE Workshop!

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Post-Workshop Masterclass

4 hour session with robert dungan!  ($100 additional)

Robert Dungan has been a speaker at the last two PSU LIVE Workshops and after his class on the Press-Book Program he is always swarmed by people wanting to learn his unique methods that he uses for his pre-sales process, his post processing methods and his post sales workflow. We are excited to announce this new PSU LIVE Mini-Workshop that you can add on to your registration to gain even more knowledge at PSU LIVE! 

Because of the structure of this mini-workshop it is limited to only 25 people and you must be registered to attend this seminar.


This MasterClass is not included in the standard PSU LIVE Workshop registration as it is a separate Post-Workshop MasterClass. If you wan to attend this special class with Robert Dungan please add it to your cart during your registration to the PSU LIVE Workshop!

JULY 12TH-15TH 2018

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