He is the founder and designer of Spotlight Photographics and Photo Solutions Market.  For over 10 years Shaun has been providing the youth sports photography industry with ground breaking designs to over thousands of photographers.   Shaun started with action sports photography and worked his way through all of the day to day operations of high volume leagues as well.  There isn't a job duty that he has not been a part of his his career!  Shaun has only one goal today and that is to provide the best templates and training in the industry.  Join Shaun at the PSU Live workshop and gain the knowledge and experience he has cashed in over the years!

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Your Image

Branding Your Business For Success

When it comes to the photography industry we can take great pictures, have awesome products, but the one thing that is missing with most companies is an "Image". Shaun has branded many companies with logo designs, websites, marketing materials, and overall changed the image of photography companies so that when a customer looks at them they see more than just a person with a camera. In the industry today your image means more than you think and in this course you will learn the steps that you need to be taking in your business to convey that image to your customers and clients to improve your first impression and overall increase your sales at the same time!

The Ultimate Photo day

show up, show off and get more sales!

In an ever growing competitive industry you need something to set yourself apart from the mom with a camera that is taking your jobs! A lot of people think that a fully branded and organized setup is just overkill, but Shaun will show you why it's something that can change everything for you and your business. With the setup, work-flow and organization that shows that you are more than just a camera you will find that your sales will grow, your parents will be happy and other leagues will take notice. In this class you will learn what it takes to setup the Ultimate Photo Day and create an "EVENT" on photo day rather than just a day you take photos. We will even have an entire outdoor photo day setup as a live demo in the workshop ballroom during the workshop for you to walk through as well.

The big green monster

overcome your fear of green screen

Everyone is afraid of the Big Green Monster! In this session, including a live demonstration, you will learn how to set up a green screen system correctly and also go through the work-flow steps to ensure that your images are taken correctly for post production. During this live demonstration you will also get your picture taken on the green screen and get to see how you can use on site printing using printers from Desktop Darkroom. They will also provide you with an official PSU LIVE Workshop print to take home with you! This class is a workshop favorite and after you are done here there will be no more fear of that big green monster!

Get extreme with teams!

live demonstration of how to build an extreme team

Everyone wants to be able to create an extreme team, panoramic or other items from the green screen items but a lot of people are afraid of what it takes to put one together. In this class Shaun will walk you through his steps of taking the photos that you produced on photo day and turning them into a finished product during this Photoshop demonstration. After you have seen this class you will see how easy it is to do and will be wanting to run back to your own computer to do one yourself!

JULY 12TH-15TH 2018

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