Tad Goble  is a returning "ALL STAR" speaker for the PSU LIVE workshop circuit.


Tad has figured out the way to make the most out of what most of us believe to be a dead market.....Action Photography.   He has turned this dead market into a money making machine using unique methods and products.  Besides action photography Tad is one of the industry leaders in Martial Arts photography and will show you how you can fill up your off season with some serious business taking photos for Martial Arts Studios in your area!


learn with Tad

Action Photography

how to turn action into a new advertising method

If you have never seen the setup that Tad rolls up to an event in, well let's just say it's impressive.  More importantly it's how he uses this setup at action events and his unique approach to action photography that really makes this class useful to even those who have no interest in shooting large action events.

If you want to get more leagues, more teams to participate in panoramics or just make more money using action photography then you are going to be very surprised when you see what you can do with action photos!

The Pano profit

average $1000 per team with just panoramic photos!

Meet the Panoramic Profit.....Tad Goble. If you do not have an intentionally driven Panoramic program installed in your youth sports business you are missing out on a ton of cash that is just waiting for you to rake in!

Tad will walk you through the steps of finding the business and getting the most bang for your buck with each team!

His panoramic business alone accounts for more than he does with his team and individuals....and that is huge!

martial arts studios

get your black belt in sales & Marketing!

Sometimes it takes one to really know one....and with Tad Goble that is definitely the case! Tad is not only a Master of the Martial Arts but he is also blazing a trail in Martial Arts Photography that you need to get behind! If you are not already doing martial arts studio photos in your area you are missing out on a great program that is very easy to do!


If you don't think that Martial Arts Studios are not looking for you then you are dead wrong!  Martial Arts photography is one of the most profitable and easiest photo days you can book for your business.  Tad will show you how he averages over $100 per person during his Martial Arts photo days during this class at PSU LIVE!


JULY 12TH-15TH 2018

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