At PSU LIVE we believe in the workshop approach to teaching the skills and knowledge with you as a group, rather than a large room of people. This allows us to have in depth conversations and valuable networking within each class. The one thing that separates PSU LIVE from any large conference is the ability to ask questions and discuss the topics during each session instead of holding your questions to the end. Over the years, we have found that this "Workshop Approach" has helped many people connect with the speakers, engage in the class and overall take more information home with them because our attendees are more engaged in the experience.

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When we started PSU LIVE it was with the purpose to educate photographers in all aspects of the business without having lab or product specific information. Our goal is to give you the most valuable information about how to brand your business, market your business & products, sales & marketing techniques to get the jobs and overall network with other photographers just like you! The best part about the information you will learn at PSU LIVE is that it doesn't matter what lab you use, where you buy your graphics or what services you use. The information we provide can be used and implemented in any business, with any lab and using any products or services at your disposal. I hope that you take this opportunity to join us at the next PSU LIVE Workshop and learn how you can expand your business to make it more successful.

Shaun DeMint

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At PSU LIVE we believe in providing our attendees with the best workshop at the lowest price possible! To do this we have partners that both help us put on this amazing event and also provide you with amazing new products and services to enrich your company at the same time! We are proud to be partners with our official PSU LIVE Workshop sponsors and vendors! Without these amazing companies we could not provide the great experience that is the PSU LIVE Workshop!

JULY 12TH-15TH 2018

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